VooDoo® Solid Flat Tappet Camshafts


The Lunati® signature Voodoo® technology is now available in solid flat tappet camshafts. Race proven Voodoo® profiles incorporate over 39 years of valvetrain research and development, producing the best all around camshaft to date. These aggressive solid flat tappet designs feature an asymmetrical lobe shape with slower closing sides that set the valve down easily to reduce noise and premature wear of the valvetrain.  Combine this with fast valve opening ramps and you have increased area under the curve, improved throttle response and engine vacuum, all while maximizing horsepower and torque.

Currently, these camshafts are available for Small and Big Block Chevy engines with Small and Big Block Fords soon to follow. Other Voodoo® valvetrain components such as our new Roller Rocker Arms and Pacaloy Valve Spring Sets give engine builders and racers a solid foundation to stay ahead of the competition in both technology and performance.