Voodoo Engine Break-In Lube


Over the past few decades motor oils have been reformulated to meet the specific needs of late model engines and the always tightening Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restrictions on emissions. This is great for late model engines with hydraulic roller lifters, but very bad for anyone with an early model, flat tappet equipped engine.

“The problem area for flat tappet engines is that modern motor oils no longer contain adequate levels of manganese, phosphorous and zinc,” states Steve Slavik, Lunati technician. “These minerals are necessary for proper lifter rotation and without them you greatly increase the chance of a lifter seizing up and sliding along the camshaft. This scenario will cause non-repairable damage to the camshaft and lifter faces.”

To resolve this issue, Lunati® has formulated a flat tappet Voodoo® Break-In Lubricant that easily blends with modern, non-synthetic motor oils to restore them to flat tappet compatibility. By simply pouring in Lunati’s part #301 lubricant, the necessary levels of phosphorus, zinc and manganese are added back to the oil, ensuring proper lifter rotation. Voodoo Break-In Lubricant is available in a 12oz. easy-to-pour bottle, and should be used in all engine applications when a new camshaft and lifter set is installed.