VooDoo Cams For Harleys Now Available


Lunati® has announced three new series of Voodoo® aftermarket hydraulic roller camshafts to suit three Harley Davidson engines: The Evolution big twin, the twin cam from 1999-2006, and the twin cam from 2007 to current. Each series offers three distinct characteristics: low-end torque with strong mid-range power for touring; peak horsepower; and a combination of both. The Evolution series is also available as a kit, containing valve springs, spring seats, steel retainers, and valve stem locks. In addition all of these cams provide a distinctive new Lunati sound.

   Voodoo® cams are ground with asymmetrical lobes which means that the dynamics of the opening and closing ramp profiles are different—usually effecting faster opening and slower closing. One side of the ramp is usually straight to the nose of the lobe while the opposite (closing) ramp profile has a pronounced dip or wave in the middle, thus producing quieter operation and being gentler on the valve train. These cams improve throttle response, acceleration, and maintain excellent engine vacuum on the street.