New Lunati Bootlegger Mobile App Lets Users Create Custom “Wanted” Posters

Hidden Location, MS – Lunati® recently rolled out the Bootlegger Camshaft Series, featuring the company’s most aggressive street cams ever. A new app now lets users get in on the series’ outlaw spirit. 

Available for Apple and Android phone users, the Lunati Bootlegger App is designed to let users turn their photos into mugshots to be featured on “Wanted” posters in the style that hung from police departments during the bootlegger era. Each poster features an image of the user underneath his or her name and the make and model of their vehicle. The words “Wanted Bootlegger” appear on the poster, which seems to be nailed to wood paneling. The Lunati Bootlegger logo also is featured in the lower right corner. 

The app allows users to vary between photos and provides the ability to make the poster a profile picture on social media accounts. It also includes a direct link to view camshaft specs, watch videos, share photos and more on the Bootlegger website. The Lunati Facebook page often runs contests asking for poster submissions as well. The Lunati Bootlegger App is free of charge and available in the iTunes store or on Google Play.

For more information about the new series of Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts, call 1-662-892-1500 or visit

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Lunati 6-Counterweight Voodoo Series Big Block Chevy Crankshafts Now Available

Olive Branch, MS – New lightweight versions of Voodoo® Series Crankshafts are now offered by Lunati®. Available by popular request, they feature six counterweights instead of the eight found in most Big Block Chevy cranks. 

Lunati 6-Counterweight Voodoo Series Crankshafts reduce overall mass and rotating inertia. Designed specifically for a 4.250″ stroke in Big Block Chevy engines, these new Voodoo Crankshafts can be balanced more easily and allow the engine to rev faster than standard designs. They are built using a high-quality, non-twist 4340 forged steel, and are precision-machined to exact tolerances. They are then nitrided for lubricity and surface hardness. Lunati 6 Counterweight Voodoo Series Crankshafts are available for BBC applications with one- or two-piece rear seals. They weigh 65-66 pounds depending on stroke and length of counterweight. 

Part Numbers: #76442501 (4.250″ 6 CTW 4.250 – 2.750 – 2.200 – 6.135, 2 pc. RS); #76442502 (4.250″ 6 CTW 4.250 – 2.750 – 2.200 – 6.385, 2 pc. RS); #76142501 (4.250″ 6 CTW 4.250 – 2.750 – 2.200 – 6.135, 1 pc. RS); #76142502 (4.250″ 6 CTW 4.250 – 2.750 – 2.200 – 6.385, 1 pc. RS)

For more information about any Lunati products or services, call 1-662-892-1500.

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Lunati Bushed Mechanical Roller Lifters

Olive Branch, MS – New bushing-style lifters from Lunati® provide customers with an excellent bronze bushing option added to the solid roller lifter lineup for all popular applications. 

Lunati Bushed Mechanical Roller Lifters add a robust bushing option in place of needle bearings. These forgiving components are designed so there is greater contact area between the axle and bushing, making them perfect for applications where very high-impact loads may be experienced. The rebuildable lifters also feature full-time pressure oiling and do not use restrictors in the oil system. The controlled wear of a bronze bushing solid roller system is much easier to inspect and replace than a needle bearing design, and it is designed to avoid the catastrophic failures sometimes seen when needle bearings find their way past oil pump screens. Bushing lifters are an outstanding option to provide peace of mind for any aggressive valvetrain setup. 

These lifters are available for Small and Big Block Ford, GM and Chrysler applications, as well as LS engines. 

Part Numbers: #72611-16 (SBC .842″); #72618-16 (SBC .903″); #72638 (BBC .842″); #72643-16 (BBC .903″); #72479-16 (BBC .936″); #72652-16 (SBF .875″); #72662-16 (BBF .875″); #72677-16 (LS .842″); #72670-16 (Small Block Chrysler .903″); #72672-16 (Big Block Chrysler .903″) 

For more information about any Lunati products or services, call 1-662-892-1500.

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Lunati Introduces New Bootlegger Camshaft T-Shirts

Lunati® Bootlegger Camshafts are an aggressive new series of cams for hot rodders that play by their own set of rules. Lunati believes that every outlaw should have the apparel to match, which is why the company has introduced two brand new t-shirt designs. 

One new piece of apparel, known simply as the “Bootlegger T-Shirt,” is a charcoal gray color and features the stylized words “Lunati Bootlegger Outlaw Camshafts” in stylized retro script above the letters “XXX.” The familiar Lunati logo appears on the back just below the collar. The shirt is made from Gildan Heavy Cotton and is available in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. 

Meanwhile, the hard-hitting “Bootlegger Outlaw T-Shirt” also features a gray background and includes the word “Outlaw” on the front in a graffiti-style font. The Bootlegger logo adorns the right sleeve. On the back, the shirt features a hot rod in a barn directly above an image of a Bootlegger camshaft. The phrase, “The difference between an outlaw and a criminal often comes down to who gets caught,” is inscribed just below the neckline. This shirt is made from a premium 50/50 cotton and polyester blend for a soft feel. It comes in sizes Small through 3XL. 

Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts and related apparel are a symbol of the company’s daring to be unique in its efforts to outrun the competition Every person and every car leave a legacy… what’s yours going to be? 

Bootlegger T-Shirt – #99021(Size) $9.95 
Bootlegger Outlaw T-Shirt – #99022(Size) $17.95

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Lunati Reveals New Bootlegger Camshaft Series

Lunati® Bootlegger Camshafts are an aggressive new series of cams for hot rodders that play by their own set of rules. The most powerful series of street performance cams ever produced by the Lunati design team, they build on the popular Voodoo® Series, but feature even faster opening rates, a controlled closing and far more area under the lift curve. 

Bootlegger Cams are designed with a 108-degree lobe separation angle and a 104-degree intake centerline for overall nastiness that cannot be found anywhere else. This extremely aggressive design provides tons of low- and mid-range power, exactly where you need it for back-road adventures and stoplight-to-stoplight performance. Better yet, the cams also provide a killer exhaust note that sends a message before you even arrive. When put to the test on an engine dyno, Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts provide proven gains of more than 40 horsepower over the stock GM Hot Cam in a ZZ4 Small Block Chevy. Offering the perfect blend of today’s design advancements and old-school attitude, these cams embody the outlaw spirit of the bootlegger era. 

Bootlegger Cams are currently available via part number for three common hot rod engine platforms. Hydraulic flat tappet, retro-fit hydraulic roller and OE hydraulic roller versions are available for Small Block Chevy engines, while choices for Big Block Chevy power plants include hydraulic flat tappet and retro-fit hydraulic rollers. Ford engines are represented with hydraulic flat tappet and retro-fit hydraulic roller options for the popular 351 Windsor. Custom grinds are also available for many other engine platforms. In addition, Bootlegger Cams are shipped in a unique “wood-appearing” collectible box and the company has a variety of matching apparel and collectible merchandise available. 

Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts are a symbol of the company’s daring to be unique in its efforts to outrun the competition. After all, the difference between an outlaw and a criminal often comes down to who gets caught. Every person and every car leave a legacy… what’s yours going to be? 

Part Number: Application Specific (see

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Lunati Announces LT1 1992-1997 Aluminum Head Valve Spring Kit

Designed specifically for ’92-’97 LT1 engines with aluminum heads, this valve spring kit from Lunati® provides added spring pressure and valve lift capability when used with high performance, hydraulic roller camshafts. The kit includes Lunati-engineered dual valve springs, chromemoly retainers, spring seats, locks and seals and it supports up to .630″ valve lift. This matched package of components ensures great performance as it is specifically engineered to provide superior RPM capability and reliability when used with aggressive street hydraulic roller cams. The kit allows the use of high lift, maximum effort camshafts and installs easily with no machine work necessary. 

Part Number: #73925K5 

For more information about any Lunati products or services, call 1-662-892-1500 or visit us online at

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Lunati Releases New Master Valvetrain Catalog

For decades Lunati has lived up to its reputation as “The Racer’s Company” by providing top-of-the-line valvetrain components and internal engine parts.

The company is going stronger than ever today, as evidenced by the latest edition of the Master Valvetrain catalog, which features 336 full-color pages of valvetrain products. Tools and merchandise make up additional sections, with another portion devoted exclusively to a new line of Driven Racing Oil items. Basic technical valvetrain information is also included, along with a variety of ways for customers to get in touch with the company. Furthermore, the catalog utilizes clearly labeled page tabs that make each section easy to find and use.

The Lunati Master Valvetrain Catalog is listed as Part #L2013VT and is available under the “Catalogs” tab at

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Lunati Introduces New Rotating Assemblies Catalog For 2014

The latest catalog from Lunati features 32 pages of information and charts on crankshafts, connecting rods, rotating assemblies and other internal engine components and accessories. This is the first-ever Lunati catalog to focus solely on these parts. Everything from Lunati’s popular Voodoo® line to the state-of-the-art Signature Series is featured. Each section is packed with full-color photographs as well, providing even more detail on the wide range of products available. Valuable tech tips are spread throughout the catalog, and contact info via phone, web and social media is included. Whether you are interested in racing or street performance, the 2014 Lunati Rotating Assemblies Catalog has a part to fit your application.
To view this catalog click on the “Catalogs” tab on our website (

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Lunati To Offer Free PRI Show Seminar

Coming to the PRI Show? Lunati will present a one-hour product training seminar you won’t want to miss at the 2013 MPMC Education Day on Wednesday, December 11, at 3:15 p.m.

Education Day will also include 14 other seminars from some of the performance and motorsports industry’s leading manufacturers. These seminars provide insight on industry trends, the latest products and even tips on installation, direct from the manufacturers themselves. Three seminars will run concurrently over five, one-hour time slots beginning at 9:00 a.m., giving you time to learn about the latest trends and products from the experts.

Admission is free, but the sessions are filling quickly. Register today and save your seat for an hour of face-to-face time with Lunati and up to four more of the following manufacturers:

9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: Flowmaster, Ron Francis Wiring, Trend Performance/Diamond Racing 

10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.: Hedman Performance Group, MSD Ignition, Quarter Master 

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Painless Performance, Turbosmart USA, MAHLE 

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Flaming River Industries, COMP Cams, Jiffy-tite 

3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.: Coker Tire/Phoenix Race Tire, Driven Racing Oil, Lunati

Register at:

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Lunati Dual & Beehive Valve Spring Kits With Titanium Retainers

GM’s LS-Series V-8 engines are the most popular and fastest growing performance and racing powerplants since the original small-block Chevy. These plentiful, versatile engines have also spawned a huge and rapidly expanding aftermarket of power-increasing LS-designed products. One of the most power-rewarding ways to increase HP, torque and RPM in any LS V-8 is by installing a Lunati roller cam. This becomes the foundation for building a powerful LS engine that fully utilizes all the capabilities of aftermarket power enhancing products. Now Lunati offers LS enthusiasts the opportunity to take that cam change to extreme power levels with Lunati’s new LS Valve Spring Kits. Three new Lunati Dual Valve Spring Kits are available for GM LS engines. Each kit includes everything needed to maximize horsepower, torque, RPM and durability for mild to extreme applications. Each kit includes a set of Lunati Signature Series, tension-matched, Chrome Silicon Dual Valve Springs (Pt. No. 73925). The three kits come with either 4140 chrome moly, light weight tool steel Valve Spring Retainers or titanium Valve Spring Retainers, plus Lower Spring Locators, Machined Steel, 70 Valve Locks and Viton® steel-reinforced Valve Stem Seals, for positive oil control. Pt. No. 73925K1 features Chrome Moly, machined steel, heat treated retainers. Pt. No. 73925K3 features lightweight, machined Tool Steel retainers. Pt. No. 73925K4 comes with Lunati’s premium Titanium Alloy retainers, the lightest, and strongest available. Each of the three kits features Lunati’s finest Chrome Silicon, precision wound, micro-peened, heat-set, dual-coil valve springs. These 1.306” O.D. springs provide 153 lbs. seat pressure (measured @ 1.810”) and 400 lbs., open load (measured @ 1.150”). These competition-proven valve springs are designed to accommodate aggressive cam profiles with valve lifts of up to .660”. For LS enthusiasts who prefer a “Beehive” valve spring Lunati’s Ovate Beehive Valve Spring Kit (Pt. No. 74818K1) is available. These kits feature precision wound, 1.290” O.D., Ovate shaped, Beehive springs. Lunati Ovate Beehive springs are CAD designed with a unique ovate shape that places more of the material outboard of its center, concentrating more steel where it’s most needed. Each spring is precision wound to reduce stress and coil surge during operation, micro-peened, to reduce stress-risers, heat set, to increase longevity and reduce tension loss. Lunati Ovate Beehive valve springs should be assembled to yield 130 lbs., seat pressure (measured @ 1.800”) and 318 lbs., open-load pressure (measured @ 1.200”). They are engineered for today’s latest aggressive LS cam designs with valve lifts of up to .600”. Lunati Pt. No. 74818K1 Ovate Beehive Valve Spring Kits come with machined, heat treated 4140 Steel Valve Spring Retainers made from finest 4140 steel. Precision machined, 7-degree steel valve locks are also provided, for superior valve stem clamping force. The 74818K1 Beehive kit uses stock GM LS valve stem seals. These new Lunati kits provide maximum strength and durability for drag racing, circle track, off road, road course, marine or serious street performance applications.

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