Lunati® Voodoo® H-Beam Connecting Rods


Professional race engine builders and knowledgeable racers know that the highest stress rate in any rotating assembly occurs with the connecting rods. That’s why Lunati now offers Voodoo H-Beam Connecting Rods that are manufactured from 4340 forged steel for extreme strength and are available at an affordable price. That means you no longer have to compromise between strength and price and can build your next engine with better parts.

Lunati Voodoo H-Beam Rods are produced from aircraft quality 4340 forged steel alloy. Each rod is precisely CNC machined to strict specifications and inspected for quality and specification adherence during several manufacturing phases that include stress relieving, shot peening and magnafluxing. Stress relieving removes any remaining stresses from metal while shot peening creates residual stresses on the rod surface which then allows it to withstand cracking and breaking for longer. Finally, magnafluxing identifies and magnifies any material flaws or fissures in the metal. All Voodoo Rods are weight matched to ± 1 gram and utilize ARP 2000 rod bolts.

Voodoo H-Beam Connecting Rods are available in stock lengths and in some popular longer-than-stock lengths for Small and Big Block Chevy, LS and Small Block Ford applications.

Be sure to check out Lunati’s matching Voodoo Crankshafts and pistons or the complete Voodoo Engine Kits that include a full balanced rotating assembly and optional camshaft, lifters and timing set. If you’re unsure of exactly what you need, let a trained Lunati tech specialist help select your rotating and valvetrain components, and rest assured knowing that you’ve purchased high quality components specifically matched to your engine for a reasonable price.