Lunati® Voodoo Engine Kits


If you want premium, race quality rotating assembly and valve train components without breaking the bank, then Lunati Voodoo Engine Kits are the perfect choice for you. The basis for all Voodoo Engine Kits are Voodoo Cranks and other Voodoo related components that give users the features of higher quality pieces engineered from the strongest and most durable materials, all while remaining reasonably priced.

Voodoo Engine Kits can range from the complete Engine Kit that includes the full rotating assembly, camshaft, lifters and a timing set down to a traditional Balanced Rotating Kit that only includes the crankshaft, rods, pistons, rings and bearings. Each kit has been precisely matched and built for your exact engine specs. Ideal for street performance and Sportsman race applications.

See the new Voodoo Engine Kit brochure to the right for a complete application listing.