Lunati® Voodoo® Engine Kits For Chevy Small Block V8 Applications


Lunati’s Voodoo Engine Kits to create 383 or 434 cubic inch Chevy Small Blocks feature the highest quality components to produce maximum horsepower and torque at an amazingly affordable price. Each kit includes a Lunati Voodoo 4340 alloy, forged steel crankshaft; Voodoo 4340 forged steel, H-beam rods; Lunati forged aluminum pistons; pins and rings, plus main and rod bearings.

Lunati Voodoo Crankshafts are made from 4340 alloy, forged steel for superior strength in high heat applications and nitride heat treated for strength and wear resistance in the bearing surfaces. They are also CNC windage profiled and drilled to reduce rotating weight and increase horsepower, then dynamically balanced. Voodoo H-Beam Rods are made from heavy duty, CNC machined, 4340 forged steel and fitted with premium quality, high tensile strength rod bolts. Each Voodoo Engine Kit also ships with Lunati 2618 alloy, forged aluminum, CNC machined pistons, piston pins and rings.

Lunati also offers Voodoo Engine Kits that contain optional Voodoo Cams with matching lifters and timing sets. Each cam profile is correctly matched for your specific engine, chassis and vehicle use by Lunati tech experts. Hydraulic roller, hydraulic flat tappet, solid roller and solid flat tappet cams are available in a number of grinds. Voodoo Cams are engineered to deliver more area under the lift curve for quicker throttle response and acceleration, plus maximum horsepower and torque across a broad RPM range.

Lunati Voodoo Engine Kits provide affordably priced, superior quality engine components for Chevy Small Block and other racing or street applications.