Lunati® Voodoo® Crankshaft & Rod Kits


Olive Branch, MS – The staff at Lunati® has recently introduced a new crank-and-rod kit that simplifies engine building by providing all Voodoo® Series bottom-end parts in one box.

Choosing Lunati Voodoo components means builders will not have to compromise strength for price and vice versa. These parts have features normally reserved for far more costly options. Each new Voodoo Crankshaft & Rod Kit includes a crank made of 4340 forged non-twist steel, and rods that are CNC-machined from aircraft-quality 4340 forged steel for extra strength and durability.

Voodoo Cranks are precision-indexed, dynamically balanced and nitride-treated for improved bearing journal surface strength and wear resistance. All bearing journals are micropolished for long life under the most demanding race conditions. Weight reduction holes are also located in each rod journal to allow for quicker rotating assembly and improved engine acceleration. Counterweights are profiled to reduce windage and parasitic operating loss.

The kit’s H-Beam rods go through manufacturing phases that include stress-relieving, shot-peening and magnafluxing. Stress-relieving removes any remaining stresses from metal while shot-peening creates residual stresses on the rod surface, allowing it to withstand cracking and breaking for a longer period of time. Finally, magnafluxing identifies and magnifies any material flaws or fissures in the metal. All Voodoo Rods are weight-matched to +/- one gram and utilize ARP 2000 rod bolts.

Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft & Rod Kits are available for Small and Big Block Chevys, GM LS applications and Small Block Fords. Big Block Ford options are coming soon.

Part Numbers: Application Specific

Price: $1,204.87 – $1,781.30