Lunati Voodoo Cams for Harley-Davidson Evolution Big-Twin Bikes


Lunati Voodoo hydraulic roller camshafts are engineered for stock or mildly modified, genuine Harley-Davidson® Evolution Big-Twin® bikes plus the many “Evo clone” engines that are popular powerplants in aftermarket bikes, etc. These cams deliver slam-you-back-in-the-saddle increases in torque, horsepower, rpm and throttle response with absolute reliability. These new cams are perfect for everyday riding or weekend cruising. Lunati Voodoo Cams are available for Harley-Davidson® Big-Twin Evolution® engines, 1984 through 2006. Part No. 20300700 is a hydraulic roller design that offers off-idle up through 5,500 RPM power increases. They are especially suited for heavy bikes, sidecars and passenger riding applications. This cam profile really pounds out brutish low-end and strong mid-range torque, exactly what’s needed for heavy bike applications with stock or mildly modified engines. This profile features 227/227 degrees duration (measured @ .053” tappet lift), intake and exhaust, with .562/.562” valve lift, intake and exhaust. The advertised duration for this camshaft is 281/281 degrees. For maximum power output Lunati Pt. No. 74777-4 valve springs, 75740-4 spring retainers and 7718-4 valve stem locks are highly recommended.