Lunati® Solid Horizontal Bar (Pop-Up) Roller Lifters


The Lunati Solid Horizontal Bar Roller Lifters with a “pop-up”, spring-loaded link bar design allow quick and easy camshaft changes between rounds at the drag strip or during dyno testing. These premium quality, strong and durable solid roller lifters are also the lightest available, weighing less than 200 grams per pair. This lightweight design actually reduces valvetrain weight to help increase valvetrain reliability, all while maintaining maximum strength and reliability. Such weight reduction is proven to increase the life cycles of all valvetrain components, especially severely stressed racing valve springs.

Lunati Solid Horizontal Bar Roller Lifters feature bodies that are precision machined from aircraft grade steel alloy, then heat treated for strength and wear resistance. Each lifter is hand assembled with top quality heat treated steel axles, wheels and needle bearings. Wheels are metallurgically compatible with roller camshaft lobe materials, and the heat treating prevents wear and lobe tracking. Installation is a quick and easy, drop-in procedure with no block machining required. They are available in .842″ outside diameter for Chevy Small Block V8, Chevy 90° V6 (4.3L) and Chevy Big Block, Mark IV, 396-454 applications.