Lunati Reveals New Bootlegger Camshaft Series


Lunati® Bootlegger Camshafts are an aggressive new series of cams for hot rodders that play by their own set of rules. The most powerful series of street performance cams ever produced by the Lunati design team, they build on the popular Voodoo® Series, but feature even faster opening rates, a controlled closing and far more area under the lift curve. 

Bootlegger Cams are designed with a 108-degree lobe separation angle and a 104-degree intake centerline for overall nastiness that cannot be found anywhere else. This extremely aggressive design provides tons of low- and mid-range power, exactly where you need it for back-road adventures and stoplight-to-stoplight performance. Better yet, the cams also provide a killer exhaust note that sends a message before you even arrive. When put to the test on an engine dyno, Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts provide proven gains of more than 40 horsepower over the stock GM Hot Cam in a ZZ4 Small Block Chevy. Offering the perfect blend of today’s design advancements and old-school attitude, these cams embody the outlaw spirit of the bootlegger era. 

Bootlegger Cams are currently available via part number for three common hot rod engine platforms. Hydraulic flat tappet, retro-fit hydraulic roller and OE hydraulic roller versions are available for Small Block Chevy engines, while choices for Big Block Chevy power plants include hydraulic flat tappet and retro-fit hydraulic rollers. Ford engines are represented with hydraulic flat tappet and retro-fit hydraulic roller options for the popular 351 Windsor. Custom grinds are also available for many other engine platforms. In addition, Bootlegger Cams are shipped in a unique “wood-appearing” collectible box and the company has a variety of matching apparel and collectible merchandise available. 

Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts are a symbol of the company’s daring to be unique in its efforts to outrun the competition. After all, the difference between an outlaw and a criminal often comes down to who gets caught. Every person and every car leave a legacy… what’s yours going to be? 

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