Lunati® Returns to Its Performance Roots


It is impossible to overstate Lunati’s importance when it came to making power in the early days of racing. When the company first began grinding cams in the 1960’s, word quickly spread among racers everywhere that a Lunati camshaft meant power. And now Lunati announces a return to its roots to support racers like never before, thanks to an infusion of energy and resources from its new ownership group.

Lunati has always been known as a company willing to embrace technology in order to bring performance enthusiasts the best possible internal components for their engines. But now Lunati will add to that with its renewed emphasis on supporting racers and helping them find Victory Lane no matter what they are racing. Lunati has been purchased by an exclusive ownership group made up of industry and racing veterans dedicated to providing racers with cutting-edge technology at affordable prices. They understand that the foundation has already been laid with Lunati’s history of excellence in motorsports and intend to use that as a base for even greater success on the race track.

The first step will be to immediately implement a program to greatly expand Lunati’s technical, manufacturing and engineering resources. Lunati will not only be able to produce more advanced products but also to help the customer find the right products to best meet their needs. This includes Lunati’s diverse – and rapidly expanding – product line of performance camshafts and related valvetrain products, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and engineered rotating assemblies. The goal is that every customer will receive personalized service and the right products that will help them find unmatched performance on the track. This is what makes Lunati “The Racer’s Company.”

Lunati also pledges to support racers in other ways. Because we understand that a racer never has enough time and simply cannot afford to wait on parts, Lunati is expanding its inventory to virtually eliminate backorders and dramatically decrease the time between when parts are ordered until they are in the racer’s hands. Also, to help make engine builder’s lives a little easier, an express custom cam grinding service will be made available.

Finally, Lunati will increase its support of racers on the track by increasing its contingency and racer-support programs with many of the top racing organizations in the country. Lunati will also have support personnel available to help racers at major racing events across the nation.

We welcome your questions and thank you for helping make this information available to the public.