Lunati Professional Crankshaft Repair Services


Locating a competent machine shop is plenty difficult and finding one specializing in the technical art of crankshaft repair is truly a challenge. Regardless of whether your requirements are a simple journal repair due to a spun bearing or custom welding to increase journal diameter, Lunati has the precise tooling and experienced technicians to perform crankshaft repair in-house, reducing turnaround time and guaranteeing that your crankshaft is repaired correctly the first time.

Lunati’s crankshaft repair services incorporate state-of-the-art welding technology that ensures total crankshaft integrity and the ultimate in durability. Lunati offers everything from the welding and repair processes noted above to crankshaft straightening, repair of thrust surfaces and balancing. We understand your racing and performance needs and can help determine the exact modifications and repairs required for your application. With 25 years of experience, no company is better prepared to perform your crankshaft repairs and get you back in the running fast.

If you are in need a crankshaft repair services give Lunati a call today (662) 892-1500 to speak with one of our technicians about what steps can be taken to solve your crankshaft troubles.