Lunati® Pro Series™ Crankshafts: Forged from 4340 Alloy Steel and Nitrided for Strength


Lunati® Pro Series™ Crankshafts are forged from 4340 alloy steel and provide unmatched strength, dimensional accuracy, and reliability. Contoured wing counterweights reduce windage and a special nitriding process increases fatigue resistance by 20 percent.

Lunati®’s engineering department pays special attention to not only the nitriding process but also to all heat treating stages, including the quenching and tempering of the core and the stress relieving after machining. 

Every Pro Series™ crankshaft is fully inspected for journal concentricity and finish.

In addition, Lunati® offers a professional in-house repair service, conducting repairs and refurbishment on any manufacturer’s crankshaft, saving you money and down time.

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