Lunati® Pacaloy Beehive Valve Springs LS1/LS2/LS6


Recent advancements in the aftermarket valvetrain industry, such as highly developed valve springs, have allowed for the development and use of more aggressive camshaft profiles for performance vehicles. Over the span of a year Lunati worked side by side with PAC engineers to build a valve spring that is custom tailored to the LS engine family and its specific valvetrain characteristics.  The outcome is our Lunati® LS-series Pacaloy valve springs which are a perfect example of sophisticated engineering that has worked its way from concept, to testing and then into the hands of racers.  

The two areas that make our Lunati Pacaloy Beehive Springs so advanced is the proprietary Pacaloy material and beehive spring shape. Pacaloy technology was chosen by Lunati based on its high strength characteristics, superior alloy properties and proven real world durability versus other available materials. A typically Pacaloy valve spring can handle a load 5 times as long as spring constructed from an O.E. style material. This gives you exceptional fatigue resistance and long life out of your performance valvetrain set up.

With a superior material chosen, it was then time to determine the most efficient spring layout.  After extensive testing, a beehive shaped spring was selected because of its several performance benefits. First, this design reduces the overall mass of your valvetrain (more RPM capability) by allowing for the use of a smaller and lighter valve spring retainer. Second, the ovate wire shape utilized in this beehive design distributes stress more evenly through the wire cross sections, making the valve spring more stable under demanding conditions. Finally, the thinner cross-section wire offers more coil bind clearance and allows for higher lift camshafts or aftermarket rocker arms.

So what does that mean for LS owners? The Lunati Pacaloy Beehive Valve Spring is a must have item if you want the best performing and longest lasting valve spring available. These springs are ideal for street/strip vehicles and offer an affordable solution to upgrading your factory valve springs.