Lunati® Now Master Warehouse Distributor For Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil™ Products


Here’s big news from two giants in the performance and racing aftermarket: Lunati announces that it is now a master warehouse distributor for Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil products.

Whether it’s the company’s synthetic racing oil, high-performance engine oil, driveline lubrications or engine builder products, Driven Racing Oils has always focused on increasing power and improving durability. That’s a natural complement for Lunati’s line of high performance engine components, making the new distribution system a natural fit for customers and retailers.

Driven Racing Oil includes nine variations of synthetic engine oils designed to meet the needs of specific racing conditions. It also carries two semi-synthetic blends, two high-zinc petroleum blends, seven types of high performance engine oils and four types of hot rod oils. Its products also include lubricants for axles, transmissions and power steering, all designed for grueling racing environments.

Lunati manufactures high performance and racing camshafts, valvetrain components, pistons, rods, crankshafts and engine kits. For more information about Lunati products, call 662-892-1500, or visit us at For more information about Driving Racing Oils, visit