Lunati Machined Steel Valve Stem Locks For Harley-Davidson Evolution Big-Twin and Twin-Cam Engines


Often overlooked, the simple factory stock valve stem lock (sometimes called “split keys”) can fracture unexpectedly, causing a “dropped valve” and extreme engine damage. To prevent this, Lunati Power offers super strong valve locks machined from finest quality steel alloy, then heat treated for added strength and wear resistance. Lunati machined steel valve stem locks are available for Harley-Davidson® Evolution Big-Twin® and Twin-Cam Evolution® V-twin engines plus the many “Evo clone” engines found in aftermarket bikes. Lunati’s precision manufactured, machined steel valve stem locks are manufactured on highly accurate, automated machinery. They are designed to work with Lunati steel or titanium alloy retainers and OE or aftermarket valve stems. They also fit most OE Harley-Davidson® steel valve spring retainers. Lunati machined steel valve stem locks provide the superior strength and clamping force that is required when aftermarket valve springs are used. This added strength and reliability is critical when higher tension aftermarket springs are used, and they provide an extra measure of confidence when used in OE valve spring applications. For specific application information for your engine contact Lunati’s hands-on, highly experienced tech staff.