Lunati® Hydraulic Roller Lifters


Lunati performance and race-designed hydraulic roller lifters are available in several different series for a variety of both retro-fit and factory-equipped V8 engines and are engineered to extend RPM and peak operating power.

Lunati OEM Replacement Lifters provide affordable, reliable lifters for any quality rebuild while Street Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters are equipped with integral link bars that allow drop-in, retro-fit installation. They are designed for a max of 6200-6500 RPM when matched with the correct Lunati cam profile.

Lunati High RPM Hydraulic Roller Lifters are drop-in designed, for retro-fit or stock, and are capable of 6500+ RPM operation. Finally, Lunati Signature Series Hydraulic Roller Lifters are the finest, race-quality lifters available. They feature Lunati’s drop-in, captured link bar design and easily operate in excess of 6500 RPM. Both the High RPM and Signature Series lifters feature exclusive micro-precision internal valving that produces amazing horsepower, torque and RPM with profile-matched Lunati hydraulic roller cams.

Lunati Hydraulic Roller Lifters are available for popular Chevy, Ford, Pontiac and Dodge-Plymouth V8 engines.