Lunati® High RPM Hydrualic Roller Lifters – SBC, BBC, LS1


If there is one performance limitation to hydraulic roller lifters it is the maximum rpm capability they can maintain in race applications. The internal hydraulics of standard roller lifters are susceptible to pumping up around 6200-6500 RPM, causing horsepower robbing valve float along with the possibility of severe valvetrain damage. At this point there are two options for racers: 1) Switch to a solid roller setup, which requires various upgrades and routine maintenance or 2) Upgrade to a Lunati High RPM lifter and get the RPM capabilities similar to a solid roller with the long, maintenance free life of a hydraulic roller. 

These aren’t your “I just want to cruise around town going the speed limit” kind of valvetrain parts. We are talking about a hydraulic lifter that can withstand 10 million (you read that right) cycles on a Spintron (valvetrain dyno) and operate in RPM ranges over 7000 RPM. What makes these lifters able to excel in areas where competitor’s hydraulic lifters would have failed? Because we only use the best of the best and cut no corners to ensure our customers get what they pay for. The construction begins with a Lunati propriety steel alloy body that is completely micro polished for a smooth microstructure finish. This finishing process reduces friction between the lifter and lifter bore, and works in conjunction with a precisely controlled internal oiling system and strict internal tolerances. These revolutionary hydraulic internals can withstand elevated valve spring pressures, up to 575lbs., that would make our competitors tremble.  We didn’t stop there with the innovations. We then incorporated a .750” diameter lifter wheel which is .050” larger than “leading” competitor’s products to give you the most out of your aftermarket camshaft profiles.

In stock now for Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy and GM LS1/LS2/LS6 owners who want the best captured link bar style hydraulic roller lifters available for their race application.