Lunati Dual & Beehive Valve Spring Kits With Titanium Retainers


GM’s LS-Series V-8 engines are the most popular and fastest growing performance and racing powerplants since the original small-block Chevy. These plentiful, versatile engines have also spawned a huge and rapidly expanding aftermarket of power-increasing LS-designed products. One of the most power-rewarding ways to increase HP, torque and RPM in any LS V-8 is by installing a Lunati roller cam. This becomes the foundation for building a powerful LS engine that fully utilizes all the capabilities of aftermarket power enhancing products. Now Lunati offers LS enthusiasts the opportunity to take that cam change to extreme power levels with Lunati’s new LS Valve Spring Kits. Three new Lunati Dual Valve Spring Kits are available for GM LS engines. Each kit includes everything needed to maximize horsepower, torque, RPM and durability for mild to extreme applications. Each kit includes a set of Lunati Signature Series, tension-matched, Chrome Silicon Dual Valve Springs (Pt. No. 73925). The three kits come with either 4140 chrome moly, light weight tool steel Valve Spring Retainers or titanium Valve Spring Retainers, plus Lower Spring Locators, Machined Steel, 70 Valve Locks and Viton® steel-reinforced Valve Stem Seals, for positive oil control. Pt. No. 73925K1 features Chrome Moly, machined steel, heat treated retainers. Pt. No. 73925K3 features lightweight, machined Tool Steel retainers. Pt. No. 73925K4 comes with Lunati’s premium Titanium Alloy retainers, the lightest, and strongest available. Each of the three kits features Lunati’s finest Chrome Silicon, precision wound, micro-peened, heat-set, dual-coil valve springs. These 1.306” O.D. springs provide 153 lbs. seat pressure (measured @ 1.810”) and 400 lbs., open load (measured @ 1.150”). These competition-proven valve springs are designed to accommodate aggressive cam profiles with valve lifts of up to .660”. For LS enthusiasts who prefer a “Beehive” valve spring Lunati’s Ovate Beehive Valve Spring Kit (Pt. No. 74818K1) is available. These kits feature precision wound, 1.290” O.D., Ovate shaped, Beehive springs. Lunati Ovate Beehive springs are CAD designed with a unique ovate shape that places more of the material outboard of its center, concentrating more steel where it’s most needed. Each spring is precision wound to reduce stress and coil surge during operation, micro-peened, to reduce stress-risers, heat set, to increase longevity and reduce tension loss. Lunati Ovate Beehive valve springs should be assembled to yield 130 lbs., seat pressure (measured @ 1.800”) and 318 lbs., open-load pressure (measured @ 1.200”). They are engineered for today’s latest aggressive LS cam designs with valve lifts of up to .600”. Lunati Pt. No. 74818K1 Ovate Beehive Valve Spring Kits come with machined, heat treated 4140 Steel Valve Spring Retainers made from finest 4140 steel. Precision machined, 7-degree steel valve locks are also provided, for superior valve stem clamping force. The 74818K1 Beehive kit uses stock GM LS valve stem seals. These new Lunati kits provide maximum strength and durability for drag racing, circle track, off road, road course, marine or serious street performance applications.