Lunati® Camshafts For Pontiac V8 265-455 Applications


Pontiac V8s continue to have a large and growing fan base with readily available, affordable and plentiful engines and a wide selection of aftermarket speed equipment. With affordably priced modern aftermarket components, these sturdy and powerful engines offer loads of potential in displacements up to 455 c.i. Now Pontiac loyalists can realize enormous horsepower, torque and RPM increases with Lunati’s expanded line of performance and racing camshafts for Pontiac 265-455 V8 hydraulic and mechanical flat tappet and roller applications. When properly matched with new performance aftermarket components, Lunati’s camshafts make huge increases in horsepower and torque. These Pontiac cams are engineered to build torque and pulling power for your truck or 4×4, street machine or all-out, serious competition engine. They are designed to match the power potential of new aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers and ignition systems.

Lunati also offers a complete line of carefully matched valvetrain components for Pontiacs, including hydraulic and mechanical flat tappet lifters, hydraulic roller drop-in lifters and Lunati’s popular lightweight vertical link-bar, mechanical roller lifters. Lunati also offers a complete line of valve spring kits or individual springs, retainers and locks; pushrods and timing sets for even greater power.

A broad selection of part numbered cam profiles are available off the shelf, however, Lunati can custom design an even more potent cam profile for your particular application.