Lunati® Cams For LS Engines


The LS Series V8 engine family’s popularity has reached a fever pitch with enthusiasts. Not only has GM continued to release bigger, more powerful LS engines, but the performance aftermarket has answered with an ever increasing number of amazing components to boost LS power to even greater levels. Now, Lunati brings you a complete family of state-of-the-art computer designed hydraulic roller and solid roller camshafts for LS applications. What’s more, these Lunati cams are available in profiles from near stock, mild street performance to all-out, throttle blasting killers making over 1,000 horsepower. Lunati’s LS hydraulic roller cams deliver the maintenance-free convenience of a hydraulic lifter with the proven horsepower increases that only a roller cam can deliver. Lunati hydraulic roller cams are available for stock or mildly modified LS engines, up to seriously built LS engines and even big-time power adders such as superchargers, turbos and nitrous oxide.

Lunati also offers LS mechanical (solid) roller cams in a wide variety of profiles. These cam lobe profiles are also computer designed using the very latest computer cam design software by Lunati’s own cam lobe design and engineering team. The solid roller cams are designed around the latest developments and releases in aftermarket components including cylinder heads, EFI systems and exhausts, and provide great latitude in tuning choices for any race need. Along with the Lunati LS camshafts is a complete line of race proven, complementary Lunati valve train components. Lunati’s lightweight, specially valved hydraulic roller lifters offer drop-in installation without block machining, plus astonishing RPM capabilities. Likewise, Lunati offers drop-in, vertical link bar solid roller lifters, including a style that streams pressurized oil to the supporting needle bearings and axles. Other components specifically engineered for Lunati’s LS cams include valve springs and kits, retainers, locks and pushrods; all precisely manufactured for maximum power and reliability from LS series engines.

If our broad selection of part numbered cam profiles just won’t do, Lunati can also custom design an even more potent cam profile for your specific LS V8 application. Lunati also offers our extensively trained and experienced tech help service to help you choose the right cam profile for your engine and chassis needs.