Lunati® Cams For Ford FE V8 352-428 Applications


Ford’s venerated “FE” series V8 engines were once the kings of both drag strips and circle tracks, and Ford’s first big-inch, Big Block was produced in cars and trucks from 1963 through 1976. Now both racers and street performance fans are rediscovering the FE as an affordable, powerful engine that is an unusual variance from “cookie cutter” V8s. Matched with the current crop of performance aftermarket components, Lunati’s hydraulic and solid flat tappet and hydraulic and solid roller cams make horsepower and torque numbers that were unheard of in the engine’s prime.

Lunati cams for the FE are engineered to build maximum power from your Ford 352-428 FE engine, whether it’s a high-torque engine for your truck or 4×4, or an all-out competition engine. New Lunati FE cams are engineered to take advantage of the latest in aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers and ignition systems. Lunati also offers a complete line of matched valvetrain components for the Ford FE 352-428 engine family, including hydraulic and solid flat tappet lifters, hydraulic roller drop-in lifters, and the popular lightweight vertical link-bar, mechanical roller lifters that all deliver maximum horsepower and reliability. Also available are a complete line of valve spring kits or individual springs, retainers, and locks; pushrods and timing sets that offer the opportunity for even greater power.

Lunati offers a broad selection of part numbered camshafts right off the shelf, but if one of these won’t work for your application or you prefer a custom grind, Lunati will design a camshaft just for you based on your exact specifications.


Ford FE V8 352-428 1963-1976 (Pass. Cars & Trucks)