Lunati® Cams For AMC Jeep Inline 6 & V8 Applications


Jeep owners pride themselves on going anywhere, in any terrain, under any conditions, and Lunati now offers performance designed camshafts that boost torque output for both Inline 6 (I6) and V8 AMC Jeep engines. These new Lunati cams are proven to add plenty of bottom-end muscle for mud pulling, rock climbing or dragging your boat off a steep launch ramp. The secret is in Lunati’s computer-designed cam profiles. We take that “one size fits all” factory cam compromise and replace it with a camshaft properly matched to your engine and vehicle use. Several lobe profiles are available for each engine design, and every one is engineered to produce huge gains in bottom-end torque output.

A cam-only change will deliver noticeable results, but when matched with a few bolt-on performance components you’ll have an aggressive torque monster capable of pulling the largest off-road tires. Lunati also offers a complete line of performance quality, replacement valvetrain components for Jeep I6 and V8 engines, including lifters, timing sets, spring kits or individual springs, locks and retainers. Next time, forget the snatch strap – drag yourself out with Lunati torque from your Jeep.


Jeep Inline 6 Cylinder, 1964-1997, 199-258, Hydraulic Flat Tappet

AMC Rambler, Inline 6 Cylinder, Up To 1997, 4.0L

AMC Jeep V8, 1966-1992, 290-401, Hydraulic and Mechanical Flat Tappet