Lunati Beehive Ovate Valve Spring Kits for Harley-Davidson Engines


Lunati now offers ready to install valve spring kits featuring their unique Ovate Beehive valve springs for Harley-Davidson® Evolution Big-Twin® and Twin-Cam® V-twin engines plus “Evo clone” V-twin engines such as those found in aftermarket bikes. Lunati Beehive spring kits include tension matched Beehive valve springs and retainers. Some kits also come with spring locators and machined steel valve stem locks. Titanium alloy retainers are also offered as an option. These kits are proven to increase HP, RPM, throttle response and reliability. Lunati Ovate Beehive valve springs are made from finest chrome silicon spring wire, precision wound and heat-set for tension retention. They are engineered with a multi-arch wire design that adds material on the inner diameter (ID), for improved distribution of the compression load, which increases spring life. Lunati Beehive springs also reduce the mass at the spring retainer end, which increases RPM potential and reduces coil surging, for increased valve control at higher RPM. The reduced cross-section of the wire reduces coil-bind and interference issues for higher-lift cams, or aftermarket, longer than stock rocker arm ratios. Lunati valve spring retainers are available for Lunati Beehive valve springs in both heat treated 4140 steel alloy and lightweight, 6AL4V titanium alloy, the lightest, strongest available. Lunati spring locators are precision machined from premium quality steel alloy, heat treated for strength and wear resistance. Lunati valve stem locks are made from heat treated, machined steel, for extra strength, clamping power and long life durability. For specific application information for your engine contact Lunati’s tech staff.