Lunati Announces New Pro Series 6.300-Inch Connecting Rods for LS Race Engines


Olive Branch, MS:  Lunati has announced a new Pro Series 6.300-inch connecting rod. It is designed especially for all aftermarket LS large displacement racing blocks with 9.500 to 9.750-inch deck heights. However, these new American-made rods, which complement Lunati’s recently introduced Pro Series LS long-stroke crankshafts, will fit all LS blocks.

Their chief advantages are two-fold. First, when compared with the 6.125-inch con-rod, their longer length provides essential crankshaft clearance, eliminating the necessity of cutting away valuable counterweight material and the subsequent headaches and extra costs involved in rebalancing. Second, the 6.300-inch long rod restores a more desirable stroke-to-rod ratio. Further, it retains the correct compression height for the piston.

Derived from aerospace 4340 alloy steel, which is oil quenched, tempered, and tested, these premium quality connecting rods were created to handle more power and more rpm.  They are perfect for all-out race engines, for Street-strip engines, even Street Rods—in fact any LS engine where a stroke length of 4.125 inch or longer is desired.

Weighing 245 grams, they are sized on the big end for 2.100-inch crank pins and on the small end for .928-inch piston pins. Finally, they are equipped with ARP2000 series rod bolts—this company’s finest fastener.

Lunati also makes a full range of Pro Series 4340 alloy steel connecting rods for small-block Chevrolet engines.

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