Lunati® Adjustable Timing Sets


Lunati adjustable, double-row timing sets provide accurate phasing between the critical camshaft and crankshaft. Proper cam-to-crank phasing ensures that maximum horsepower, torque and RPM are produced by the engine. These high quality timing sets also offer easy adjustment by way of keyway selection during cam and crankshaft phasing adjustments. This permits you to adjust phasing in the appropriate measured degrees and to adjust the peak torque curve of any racing or street performance engine during the cam degreeing process.

Lunati Adjustable Timing Sets are available in an induction hardened, steel billet, three-way adjustable crankshaft sprocket design that features a double-roller chain to deliver up to 10° of timing advance/retard. There’s also a billet steel, heat treated crankshaft and camshaft sprocket design for maximum strength. This design is fitted with a premium quality, .250″ wide double roller chain. Applications include Small Block and Big Block Chevy V8, Ford 5.0L-302, 351W, and selected apps for GM LS series, 454-502 Gen VI Big Block Chevy, 383-440 (3-Bolt) Chrysler and Oldsmobile 400-455.