BareBones Hyd. Roller Kits now in stock!


Lunati® BareBones line of cost-effective cam and lifter kits have now been expanded to include hydraulic roller applications. These BareBones kits are the perfect choice for performance street engine builds.  With complete cam and lifter kits starting at just $599.99, these new aggressive hydraulic roller kits deliver more usable horsepower for your Chevy than any other engine upgrade available. BareBones cam kits feature asymmetrical lobe designs, allowing gentler and quieter valve closing and reducing premature valve-train wear. The lobe profiles offer more duration and lift over factory camshafts greatly improving every aspect of an engine’s performance.  Matched with the camshaft is a set of high quality Lunati Street Performance lifters, which ensures optimum performance and extended durability.

No other hydraulic roller camshaft package delivers more durability in a street-friendly low-price package than Lunati’s BareBones.  Bare on price and big on performance, this camshaft improves throttle response, acceleration, and maintains good engine vacuum on street machines—it’s simply the best value on the market.