Lunati Bushed Mechanical Roller Lifters


Olive Branch, MS – New bushing-style lifters from Lunati® provide customers with an excellent bronze bushing option added to the solid roller lifter lineup for all popular applications. 

Lunati Bushed Mechanical Roller Lifters add a robust bushing option in place of needle bearings. These forgiving components are designed so there is greater contact area between the axle and bushing, making them perfect for applications where very high-impact loads may be experienced. The rebuildable lifters also feature full-time pressure oiling and do not use restrictors in the oil system. The controlled wear of a bronze bushing solid roller system is much easier to inspect and replace than a needle bearing design, and it is designed to avoid the catastrophic failures sometimes seen when needle bearings find their way past oil pump screens. Bushing lifters are an outstanding option to provide peace of mind for any aggressive valvetrain setup. 

These lifters are available for Small and Big Block Ford, GM and Chrysler applications, as well as LS engines. 

Part Numbers: #72611-16 (SBC .842″); #72618-16 (SBC .903″); #72638 (BBC .842″); #72643-16 (BBC .903″); #72479-16 (BBC .936″); #72652-16 (SBF .875″); #72662-16 (BBF .875″); #72677-16 (LS .842″); #72670-16 (Small Block Chrysler .903″); #72672-16 (Big Block Chrysler .903″) 

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