Lunati® Releases New LLH & LHS Cams For Circle Track Racers

New camshafts from Lunati® make the power and torque of very aggressive camshafts, but are easier on valve springs and have much better dynamic control than profiles with similar specs in Small Block Chevrolet applications. New Oval Track LLH solid roller designs maximize area under the curve by using high average acceleration rates, but with a smoother, more controlled motion that eliminates harsh acceleration spikes commonly found in aggressive lobe designs. These cams are available with a standard or .900″ base circle. By using cutting-edge design methods, the new Oval Track LHS solid flat tappet cams also reduce harmful harmonics while maximizing area under the curve. These aggressive cams deliver superior valve control and exceptional power throughout the entire RPM range.

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New Lunati® Voodoo® Crankshafts Provide Builders With Options

The latest Voodoo® crankshafts from Lunati® feature a wider variety of stroke lengths than ever before. Lunati Voodoo Crankshafts are available for Big Block and Small Block Chevy applications.These affordably priced, superior quality cranks have features normally seen only in far more costly, high-end race cranks. Each Voodoo Crankshaft is CNC-machined from 4340 forged, non-twist steel for extra strength and durability. Voodoo Cranks are precision-indexed, dynamically balanced and nitride treated for improved bearing-journal surface strength and wear resistance. Weight reduction holes are located in each rod journal to allow for quicker rotating assembly acceleration and improved engine acceleration. Voodoo Crankshaft counterweights are profiled to reduce operating windage and parasitic operating loss. All bearing journals are micropolished for long bearing life under the most demanding race conditions. Lunati also offers Voodoo 4340 forged steel rods and premium alloy forged aluminum pistons, wrist pins and ring combinations for all Voodoo crankshaft applications.

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M2 Machines Readies 1:24-Scale Batch of Lunati® Bootlegger Die Cast Vehicles

Hidden Location, MS – Last year a variety of 1:64-scale die cast vehicles branded with the Lunati® Bootlegger logo flew off Walmart shelves. Now M2 Machines is back with a limited run of new 1:24-scale Bootlegger die casts. Muscle car enthusiasts and collectors alike now have several more pieces to add to their collection thanks to M2’s release of two iconic vehicles branded with the Lunati Bootlegger Outlaw Camshafts logo. A black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI are set for wide release in Walmart stores around the globe. As part of the program, M2 Machines is also releasing the Camaro and Challenger with green wheels and bumpers as rare “Chase” vehicles. Only 250 of each piece are available worldwide. A silver version of the ’70 Challenger is also available as an ultra-rare “Super Chase” vehicle. Just 108 pieces were produced. As was the case with the 1:64-scale die casts, every version of the larger 1:24-scale option is a highly detailed replica. They each feature die cast bodies with opening doors and real chrome bumpers, along with separate headlights, taillights and hood ornaments. They also have rubber tires and a removable die cast chassis, along with an included display base and acrylic case. All come in a wood-grain package just as the Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts designed for the die cast’s real-life counterparts. The 1:24-scale cars from M2 Machines will be available on Walmart shelves in late August. A second release of the 1:64-scale versions will be available soon.

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Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts Now Available For GM LS Engines

The most innovative and unique line of camshafts from Lunati® is now available for one of the performance industry’s most renowned engine platforms.

The popular Bootlegger Camshaft Series for hot rodders that play by their own set of rules can now be used with popular GM LS applications. Bootlegger Cams feature an extremely aggressive design that provides tons of low- and mid-range power, as well as a thumping exhaust note that lets everyone know you have arrived. These camshafts are the perfect blend of today’s design advancements and old-school attitude. A trio of three-bolt hydraulic roller grinds are available for GM LS Gen III/Gen IV engines. The cams are offered in a variety of specs that make them ideal for stock to highly modified LS engines.

For more information about Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts, including additional specs, call 1-662-892- 1500 or visit

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Lunati® Signature Series Crankshaft & Rod Kits

Olive Branch, MS – Lunati® is now offering its premium line of internal engine components in one box with the introduction of Signature Series Crankshaft & Rod Kits.

A Signature Series Crankshaft is the strongest crank found anywhere. It is constructed from non-twist, aircraft-quality 4340 forged steel and has been proven to withstand more than 1,500 horsepower. Standard design features include gun-drilled mains, lightened rod journals, micropolishing and a windage-reducing, contoured-wing counterweight profile. Each crank is also pulsed-plasma nitride heat-treated for increased strength and durability.

Signature Series Connecting Rods complete the package. These 4340 alloy billet steel I-Beam rods are race-ready upon purchase. They are 100-percent sonic-tested and magnaflux-inspected. Each one is heat-treated, manufactured to extremely close tolerances and weight-matched to +/- one gram. Every aircraft-quality, mill-certified connecting rod is precision-machined with close attention to detail, and is ideal for circle track, drag race, off-road or marine applications. They suit all naturally aspirated and forced-induction engines that are subject to high engine speeds and stresses.

Lunati Signature Series Crankshaft & Rod Kits are available for Small and Big Block Chevys, GM LS applications and Small Block Fords. Big Block Ford applications are coming soon.

Price: $2,979.97 – $3,372.95

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13 Winners Selected In Lunati Bootlegger Cams Contest recently ran a contest asking its readers to explain why they need a Lunati® Bootlegger Camshaft. The staff received dozens of entries from across the country, which were pared down to just a lucky 13.

The Lunati Bootlegger Camshaft Series lives by the motto, “The difference between an outlaw and a criminal often comes down to who gets caught.” There are a million stories that could come from that phrase, so the crew over at Street Legal TV asked folks to tell their own tales for a shot at a variety of prizes. The staff ultimately chose Gabe and Chris Gibbany—true outlaws who live off-the-grid—as the grand prize winners. The couple will receive a Bootlegger cam and Lunati lifter set for their ’41 GMC truck, along with a wooden Bootlegger cam box, two shot glasses, a T-shirt, a Lunati banner and a hat. Chadwick Berezay won second prize and will take home a wooden cam box, one shot glass, a Bootlegger t-shirt, Lunati banner and hat. Brad Fersovitch came in third in the voting and has Lunati apparel and a banner coming his way, while 10 remaining entrants will receive Bootlegger T-shirts.

For more information about the new series of Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts, call 1-662-892-1500 or visit

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Lunati® Voodoo® Crankshaft & Rod Kits

Olive Branch, MS – The staff at Lunati® has recently introduced a new crank-and-rod kit that simplifies engine building by providing all Voodoo® Series bottom-end parts in one box.

Choosing Lunati Voodoo components means builders will not have to compromise strength for price and vice versa. These parts have features normally reserved for far more costly options. Each new Voodoo Crankshaft & Rod Kit includes a crank made of 4340 forged non-twist steel, and rods that are CNC-machined from aircraft-quality 4340 forged steel for extra strength and durability.

Voodoo Cranks are precision-indexed, dynamically balanced and nitride-treated for improved bearing journal surface strength and wear resistance. All bearing journals are micropolished for long life under the most demanding race conditions. Weight reduction holes are also located in each rod journal to allow for quicker rotating assembly and improved engine acceleration. Counterweights are profiled to reduce windage and parasitic operating loss.

The kit’s H-Beam rods go through manufacturing phases that include stress-relieving, shot-peening and magnafluxing. Stress-relieving removes any remaining stresses from metal while shot-peening creates residual stresses on the rod surface, allowing it to withstand cracking and breaking for a longer period of time. Finally, magnafluxing identifies and magnifies any material flaws or fissures in the metal. All Voodoo Rods are weight-matched to +/- one gram and utilize ARP 2000 rod bolts.

Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft & Rod Kits are available for Small and Big Block Chevys, GM LS applications and Small Block Fords. Big Block Ford options are coming soon.

Part Numbers: Application Specific

Price: $1,204.87 – $1,781.30

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New Voodoo SBC 383 Stroker Crank & Rod Kit Now Available

Olive Branch, MS – The Voodoo® 383 Stroker Crank and Rod Kit from Lunati® combines high-quality components with an affordable price. Each kit includes a 3.750″ stroke Lunati crankshaft, 6.000″ long “stroker” H-beam connecting rods, and premium main and rod bearings.

Lunati crankshafts are made from a non-twist 4340 steel alloy forging for strength and durability, and feature lightening holes in the rod journals for reduced crankshaft inertia and increased acceleration. They are nitride heat-treated, finished with micro-polished journals and designed for use with two piece rear seals.

Lunati’s Voodoo H-beam rods are also made from forged 4340 steel, CNC-machined and fitted with ARP2000 rod bolts. Each Stroker Crank and Rod Kit ships with a premium main and rod bearing kit. Balancing and pistons available upon request.

Part Number: #37502VK01 
Price: $1179.95

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Lunati To Unveil Part Three Of Bootlegger Web Series, Full Version In March

Hidden Location, MS – As a companion to its revolutionary Bootlegger Camshafts, Lunati® has developed a three-part web series that draws upon themes from the bootlegger era to illustrate the cams’ inspiration. Parts One and Two were released in the fall, with Part Three, “The Legacy,” scheduled to launch on March 11. The complete series will be available on March 25. 

Utilizing a variety of actors, state-of-the-art film techniques and a classic ’55 Chevy, the Lunati Bootlegger web series tells the tale of a known outlaw who keeps the authorities chasing him. The final installment provides the outlaw’s backstory and draws the series to a logical conclusion. It will be released on the Bootlegger website and the Lunati YouTube channel. 

Viewers will soon also be able to see the complete series as a single 7-minute narrative. Part Three will seamlessly build upon Parts One and Two, titled the “The Pursuit” and “The Reputation,” respectively. The short film answers the question: Every car and person leave a legacy, what will yours be? 

For more information about Lunati Bootlegger Camshafts, including a full product listing and specs, call 1-662-892-1500 or visit 

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Lunati Concentrated Engine Break-In Additive Delivers The Right Stuff

Olive Branch, MS – Lunati® has developed a flat tappet engine, break-in lubricant that supplies your power plant with key ingredients needed during the critical break-in process. 

One of the most important times for your engine is just after you have installed new valvetrain components. Correctly breaking in these parts can spell the difference between a top-performing engine and one that will fall victim to friction and wear because the components aren’t mated properly. Lunati’s Concentrated Engine Break-In Additive is a must for anyone installing a flat tappet camshaft in their engine, and it is recommended for all valvetrain systems. The fluid is available in a 12-ounce, easy-to-pour bottle. This special blend contains all necessary additives including ZDDP. 

Part Number: 301
Price $9.95 (1 Qt.) 

For more information about any Lunati products or services, call 1-662-892-1500.

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